Roll Off Container Rental FAQs

How long may I keep the container?

You make keep the container as long as needed on site. On average the container be allowed to sit on site with no activity/hauls for up to 2 weeks with no rental charges. It will vary some depending on project size though. Make sure to ask your local hauler if and when rental fee’s could apply.

Can you pick up the container later the same day it was dropped off?

Your local hauler will always try to work with you to do same day service schedules but its not always possible. The earlier you call the better off you are to have it emptied same day. Sometimes traffic and weather can slow drivers up making it difficult to add more to their route for same day service. Next day is always possible if same day isn’t. If you know that you are going to need a delivery and a pick up in the same day then please let the Sales Rep. know that when you order it.

How soon can you deliver containers?

Sometimes your local hauler can deliver same day and is always able to deliver next day. The earlier you call in the better.

I’m renovating my home. Can I dump lumber and other building materials?

Yes, you can put building/construction materials in the dumpster. Please make sure to avoid putting any paints or oils in the container. They are flammable and will cost extra and the landfills. If you mix construction materials with non-construction materials (garbage, furniture etc.) your rates may change. Make sure to let your local hauler know all of the materials you will be disposing of.

Can I dump oil and chemicals?

Oils and Chemicals can’t go into the container at any time. They are considered flammable materials and are actually dangerous to put into the container. If you need to dispose of these materials please call your local hauler and they can provide you with a local city office who will guide you on proper disposal of the materials.

Is the container sealed?

The containers themselves are not sealed. They have creases at the bottom of them so liquids will not remain in container. If you need a liner for the container on a special project you may ask your local hauler.

Can I put appliances like refrigerators, microwaves, stoves, etc. in the roll off?

Most appliances (also called “white goods”) are additional costs than can range in price depending on your local landfill rates. If you are looking to dispose of any appliances then please ask your local hauler for money saving tips in your area.

I have several old tires, can they go in the dumpster?

Most tires are additional costs than can range in price depending on your local landfill rates. If you are looking to dispose of any tires then please ask your local hauler for money saving tips in your area.

What about pressure treated wood?

Pressure treated wood can often be additional charges depending on your local landfill. Customers often say they are disposing of wood and not realize that pressure treated wood is often classified as “garbage” because its often not recyclable. This can often lead to a higher disposal rate from the landfill. If you have pressure treated wood please let your hauler know in advance.

Can I fill a roll off container with broken concrete?

Yes, filling a container with broken concrete is not a problem. Only containers 20 yards and smaller should be used for concrete projects. In most cases a 20 yard should only be filled 3/4 full. Larger amounts of concrete and containers quickly become too heavy for the trucks to safely lift. Please let your local hauler know if you are going to fill a container with concrete only because often they can save you a lot on disposal costs.

Do you have recycling projects.

Your local hauler can easily work with you and even save you money on all types of recycle projects such as construction, cardboard, concrete etc. Please let your local hauler know if you would like any information on (green building) “LEED” tracking and the rates!!